late night avoidance panic

It’s happened before. It’s after midnight, there’s something I need to do and I haven’t started on it. On previous occasions I would be on Facebook or doing something else to distract myself from the task at hand. This time I just crawled into bed feeling bad, dozed off and then woke up again slightly panicked.

In any case the default result is: I go to bed stupidly late, the thing still isn’t done and in the morning I’ll feel miserable but still have trouble tackling it. This is only a recent failure mode, but it’s happened twice and I don’t want it happening again tonight.

This time it’s something at work, specifically the area of my life I said I wasn’t going to be paying attention to this evening in the last post. The exact thing this is about isn’t the one I mentioned last time, but something else that wasn’t even really my fault but is right now causing problems for our builds.

I’m currently sitting here with both this laptop and my work one, on my bed, thinking what to do about it.

It turns out it resolved itself – I’m not the only one who works late here. But the more general problem of staying up neither tackling a problem nor deciding to actually give up and go to sleep? Not sure. Now’s not the right time to debug that one.

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