shiny toy

Epistemic status: I haven’t talked to these people in aaaaages so I don’t know how they actually feel about me, plus they’re obviously a lot friendlier than this.

me: I wanna do CFAR again.

What I Imagine CFAR Would Say: No.

me: I just looked at your curriculum.

WIICWS: You learned nothing at CFAR.

me: Your curriculum is so tight.

WIICWS: Things you have accomplished in the 4 years since you attended CFAR: psychotic episode, depressive episode, immigration problems, being out of work like 30% of the time, breaking up with long-term romantic partner, donating a pathetically small percentage of what you solemnly promised GWWC, never doing your taxes on time, hardly eating a single vegtable, no exercise, dank memes. Celebrating Christmas alone with, I seem to remember, porridge and chicken nuggets.

me: It’s like you were awesome 4 years ago and you’ve just been getting better and better.

WIICWS: The outside view does not look good on this one.

me: You’re gonna teach me psychology and economics in 2 hours? You’re the sorta people that could actually do that.

WIICWS: You know Kitty Cat isn’t here any more.

me: You have a whole class on how to ensure we put all the other stuff into practice properly.

WIICWS: You know what’s in between Canada and us? Trump’s minions. You’ll have to face them at the border and you hate that.

me: Like Day 3 is all about how to teach this stuff to my friends!

WIICWS: You remember that time you donated a ton of money to us with the message “hire person X”? We did not hire person X. Cogito Ergo Sum, you are supposed not to like us.

me: Omg Hamming Questions. Internal Double Crux. This is all new stuff.

WIICWS: Hang on I think I’m getting another call from someone likely to have a significantly greater impact than you. Oh wait it was just my toaster.

me: Oooooh, some other shiny thing.

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